How effective is your monitoring system? 

Do you have all your data in one shell? 

Can you access your data any time from anywhere and share the information?  

Can you cross validate data and alarms in real time? 

Can you integrate geospatial information in a single animated chart? 

Can you create a comprehensive report in less than 5 clicks? 

Do you receive any alarm in realtime on your mobile? 

GEOSCOPE™ integrates all your data and information in one place and delivers advanced alarm and graphical features that streamline your process, enhance safety and reduce cost. 


Lastest news

DEBSWANA confirms Geoscope as its global monitoring platform

After the commisionning of the integrated data management system  Geoscope V7 at the Jwaneng diamond mine in Botswana, the Debswana company awarded Soldata to implement the same platform and stadardise procedures at Orapa, Letihakane and Damtshaa sites. When completed a standardised system and procedures will be in place at the coorporate level allowing for centalised remote monitoring, easy sharing of information and on the technical side, cross corelation capabilities to streamline operations and provide better insights. 


CODELCO chooses Geoscope

Codelco, in Chile, selected Geoscope to deploy an integrated and real-time data management system for the Chuquicamata Mine, in Atacama desert. The platform acquires and cross-processes all geotechnical, structural and environmental data to assess and mitigate the risks related to slope stability. More...